Our team is driven by our ability to service our clients and ensure their maximum potential and success.

Our Team

Every one of our partners was promoted from within. Each of them has a deep understanding of the workings of our firm and our clients. The unique expertise of each partner, and their ability to collaborate seamlessly, is the key to your success.

Samuel Sonnenschine, CPA


Samuel Sonnenschine puts the “S” in “BSCPA”. With over 50 years of experience, his high level of skill in tax, audit, mergers & acquisitions, litigation support, and securing financing have allowed him to grow a business of extraordinary success. Sam’s extraordinary client service is what separates him from the competition and is what laid the foundation for Brand Sonnenschine.


Michael Stein, CPA

Managing Partner

Michael began his career at Brand Sonnenschine and is currently the Managing Partner. He has spent more than 40 years serving his clients at an elite level within the accounting profession. Michael is a renowned authority in the healthcare accounting space and provides consulting services to our clients in the area of for-profit healthcare. He is also the head of our technical accounting team. Michael’s devotion to the profession manifests itself in all we do at Brand Sonnenschine.


Martin Schreiber, CPA


Marty joined the firm early in his career and has a broad range of experience in both the healthcare industry and commercial business. He has expertise in the area of home health care, nursing homes and assisted living facilities. He is also our lead member in the areas of Estates and Trusts. In his spare time, Marty enjoys volunteering in various organizations in his community.


Samuel Sturm, CPA


Sam joined Brand Sonnenschine after a brief stint at PwC and has been here ever since. Sam handles both accounting and tax clients and is our firm expert in HUD audits. He currently oversees the tax department and is committed to recognizing each client’s unique environment and specific needs, delivering beyond the client’s expectations. In his spare time, Sam volunteers at his synagogue as President.


Jacob Goldstone, CPA


Jacob specializes in accounting for New York Nursing Homes, including preparation of New York State Medicaid cost reports, review of Medicaid Rate Sheets, preparation of all required documentation including rate appeals and attestations, as well as review of nursing home facilities for interested buyers. He also keeps Brand Sonnenschine current on compliance matters and industry news. Jacob’s door is always open to educate both new and experienced employees on various accounting topics.


Bruce Tager, CPA


Bruce is a valued leader and consultant in healthcare accounting. In his many years at Brand Sonnenschine, he has put his high-level strategic thinking to good use in developing tax and reimbursement strategies, and in performing creative and solutions-oriented work for clients. Recently, Bruce has been at the forefront in advising clients on the complexities resulting from government grants and loans received during the pandemic.



Dov Rubinstein, CPA


Dov has been with Brand Sonnenschine his entire career. He provides accounting services for clients who own nursing homes in various states and is involved in providing recommendations for improving their operations and consults on various matters that arise. He has also been the liaison between lending institutions and clients in securing and maintaining financing. Dov’s attention to detail and infectious personality has earned his clients’ trust.


Avi Taitz, CPA


Avi has built his career at Brand Sonnenschine and has proven that hard work and a passion for excellence leads to success. Avi provides accounting, auditing, and consulting services to multi-State nursing home operators, and oversees tax planning for high net-worth individuals. He manages a financial services group, responsible for monthly financial reporting required by lenders and operators. In his spare time, Avi is an avid cyclist, participating in various charity cycling events.

Adam Sprung, CPA


Friendly and hard-working, Adam began his career at Brand Sonnenschine in 2009. He has been involved in nursing home clients, hospice care and various businesses. Adam has provided financial services for large acquisitions and has strong accounting expertise. He is Brand Sonnenschine’s Learning and Development advocate and is passionate about the staff’s professional growth.



Caryn Garfinkle, CPA

Retired Partner/Consulting

After working in large and middle size accounting firms, Caryn joined the firm to head the tax department. She has a broad range of knowledge and keeps Brand Sonnenschine current in the ever-changing landscape of the tax world and its compliance requirements.



Menachem Friederwitzer, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

Over the course of his career, Menachem has held management positions on Wall Street, at PepsiCo, and at Bloomberg. He is a foremost leader in systems and infrastructure development across numerous verticals. Utilizing his innate charisma, Menachem has inspired the Brand Sonnenschine team to expand its horizons and help the team reach its full potential. Menachem is known in the office as a true leader who can get along with anyone.

Professional Staff

The backbone of our firm are the CPAs and accountants who help provide services to our clients. Most are recruited directly from college, and we encourage them to continue studying until they become CPAs. Throughout their careers with our firm, we continue their training so that they have the technical skills and knowledge to address our clients’ needs. We are dedicated to providing them with an opportunity to grow as professionals while understanding that they are a highly valued part of our team.