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Healthcare & Consulting

Medicare and Medicaid Audits, and Regulatory Healthcare Reporting and Appeals

A major focus of our practice is in the healthcare area, providing services to skilled nursing facilities and other healthcare related entities. The healthcare industry is always changing, and providers must constantly adapt to these changes for their businesses to grow and thrive. At Brand Sonnenschine LLP, we pride ourselves on guiding our clients through the healthcare landscape, enabling them to focus on patient care. We help our clients comply with the myriad and everchanging laws and regulations while maximizing their reimbursement and controlling costs. Our services include the preparation of financial statements in accordance with the requirements of numerous reporting agencies, cost report preparation, projections and budgeting, assistance in obtaining financing through HUD or other lenders based on the specific factors relating to the healthcare industry and minimizing tax liabilities by employing strategies that are proven to work in the healthcare sector.


Accounting Services, Financial Statements, Financial Projections

At Brand Sonnenschine LLP, we recognize that the purpose of a reliable accounting system is to provide the information that will enable a business owner to make informed decisions. We understand your goal is to the see the business succeed and we will work closely with you so that we have an in-depth understanding of your operations. We will prepare audited, reviewed, or compiled financial statements and can assist in many other areas, including the preparation of operating budgets and projections, monthly financial statements, personal financial statements, and other special projects that may arise. Our expertise ensures that you will have the valuable information you need to grow.

Debt and Financing Advice, and Acquisitions and Sales

Financing is one of the critical issues faced by many businesses. Our firm has substantial experience assisting our clients as they face the banking and finance industry and its many requirements. We can help you analyze the finance term sheets and covenants so that you can determine the most favorable proposals for your business. We will be there to walk you through the process so that you understand before you sign on the dotted line. And when you move to acquire or sell a business, we can advise you regarding the economics, structuring, and financing of your deal. We will be there as your sounding board and work with your attorney to make sure that you know how to determine whether the deal is right for you.

Tax Matters

Tax Compliance, Tax Planning, Acquisitions and Sales

In the past few years, we have seen Congress and State legislatures enact numerous changes to tax laws that affect both businesses and individuals.  At Brand Sonnenschine LLP, our clients can be confident that we are prepared to guide them through this complex environment. We focus on tax issues not just during tax season, but all year round.  Our expertise, analysis and research allow us to provide the optimal strategies to minimize tax liabilities.

Federal and State Tax Audits

As the government searches for new sources of revenue, we know that both the Internal Revenue Service and State tax departments across the country, will be increasing the number of audits being conducted. We are experienced in dealing with these government authorities and are skilled in understanding the audit process. Our clients know, that should they face an examination, we have the expertise to represent them.  

Estate Planning, Estate and Gift Tax Preparation, and Estate and Gift Tax Audits

We at Brand Sonnenschine LLP, understand that estate and trust planning can insure financial security for loved ones. To avoid complications, everyone should have a well thought out plan to distribute the assets left in one’s estate and to be sure that your individual wishes are followed. This is a complex area to navigate, and we have considerable experience in planning, compliance, and in estate tax examinations.